What would you look like as a Simpsons character?

A website called Fiverr hosts artists that will draw you in the style of your favourite shows for just $5!

How to get yours:

  1. Find your favourite artist on Fiverr.com.
  2. Upload your photo and pay for your chosen drawing.
  3. Artist sends your image file and gives you at least one revision, if you need it.

A single portrait starts at $5 from many of the artists. The example shown above was done by artist Eliana93fr, she charges a little more at $10 per person, but her examples are incredible! At the time of writing she has sold 7380 drawings drawn in this style. For more information, visit Fiverr, to see a list of all the artists that draw Simpson’s (and other) animated show characters.

I paid for 2 portraits and to have it sent over in high resolution for larger format printing, allowing me to have them printed to good quality on A3 size canvas, try a Google search for “custom canvas printing delivered”. I added a Simpsons background from the Burning Man episode using Photoshop.

After receiving this, I messaged Eliana93fr and enquired into having a family style drawing done. She sent me an example of a couch scene (pictured below). She also does pets so you can have the classic sofa with dogs and cats, eels, etc. This would make a great family present printed in panoramic or even to use on Christmas cards for friends and family. Eliana charges from £75, $100. This scene can range from £26+ depending on artist, the amount of characters, background, etc.

Eliana also sent me a sample of her skills at other shows Family Guy and Futurama.

“Don’t Mess With Me, I’ve got Jimmies!”

Other ideas for gifts:

  • Get a Simpson’s portrait of a friend and print it on a coffee mug, then drink from it whilst thinking about what liquid you put inside them.
  • A drawing of your group of friends sitting at Moe’s Tavern having a Duff. Or for the more discerning;  Düff.
  • Backdrops: In the Simpson’s kitchen, in the town centre in front of the statue of Jeremiah, you and Homer swearing at Flanders or stealing his AC unit, writing something on the chalkboard at the school, wrestling Grounds Keeper Willie..the possibilities are endless.
  • Use it for a business website or leaflet (commercial use extra and grey area, good luck! :-).

Visit Fiverr and send in your photos to get your custom Simpsons drawing!

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