Custom, fan-made Rick and Morty art and collectables

We’ve handpicked our favourite pieces from Etsy. If you know someone who is a big fan; you’re gonna want to take these products and stick them waaay up inside your virtual shopping basket before Christmas, whilst it’s taut yet malleable. ‘Cause these babies will sell out quick, potentially leaving you late-December, on the garage floor, writhing in your own stupidity.


Everyone’s got a Plumbus in their home. What can’t you do with a Plumbus? Typical turn around time to shipping is 1-2 weeks so if you want your Plumbus in time for the Christmas lunch cleanup, then your gonna need to order it soon.This Etsy seller will send you the Plumbus already finished or as a kit that lets you paint the product yourself. 


“This is bat country, Morty!

This black light original piece measuring 3ft x 6ft is one of the sickest things we’ve ever seen. Inspired by Joakim Westgren from Sweden. The piece is called “Fear and Loathing Featuring Rick and Morty” by Neil Jeffrey.  The price, £7,862.25, plus shipping! Check out how the colours change! We can imagine this painting in a fancy city bar, mansion games room nearby the snooker table or outside by the pool, not in our rented house. To read the artist’s inspiration for this piece and to see more photos click here.


Handmade figures

This mother-daughter team create great unofficial Rick and Morty plushies and dolls to sell on Etsy, they are doing very well so you’ll need to get on quick to check availability for Christmas. They are available separately or a full set here. 

Your shit and what to do with it

That about summarises that. Wake up and feel motivated to get your shit together every morning. Or present to a friend to inspire! Here’s the link on Etsy.

Peace among worlds!

There’s a great selection of Rick and Morty canvas pieces on Etsy. Check their reviews, but most will use high quality printing mounted on wooden frame. Don’t worry, the chair doesn’t come with the first one. Check them all out here or click on the images above. Definitely ordering that mushroom set of 5 for ourselves!

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